I'm giving a keynote at this year's Open Source Bridge and I want to give marginalized people working for tech companies the chance to speak their minds without fear of retaliation.

Lots of companies are paying lip service to diversity, but unwilling to make real change. Have something to say about it?

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What are the ways in which you are marginalized in the tech industry? (ex: black, queer, education access, non-neurotypical etc. Be as specific as you like).

What are some of the ways having a marginalized identity has affected your career in tech (or ability to have a career in tech)?

What are some of the strengths you bring to the industry because of your identity?

What have companies you've worked for done well to create a safe, welcoming environment at work?

What have companies you've worked for done badly or failed to do that made it harder for you to succeed or made the work environment toxic?

Have you tried to speak up about workplace inequities and experienced retaliation and negative consequences? (Give as much or as little detail as you like)

What would you say to your coworkers / manager / CEO about their diversity efforts (or lack thereof) if you could do so without fear of retaliation?

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

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